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Crosstech Diamond Burs: Please contact us by email, fax or telephone. If the Diamond Burs you wish to select is not clear in the website. We will then send to you by post a complete Catalogue or PDF Files for your easy reference and perusal.
Do NOT Trust what we have promoted so far, email us for sample to test out the Quality.
 Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs

How to place an order:

  1. Please click on the Catalogue below that will open in a new Window. There, you will see the various shapes
      and sizes of Diamond Dental Burs.

  2. Browse through the Catalogue and then list down the types, shapes and sizes of Diamond Burs that you
      wish to place order.

  3. These are "
Crosstech Numbers" unique only to us, as follows;

                a) Standard:
Blue Color Ring No. A2, B5M, C9, C2

                b) Coarse: Green Color Ring No. A2C, B4C, C2lC, N1C

                c) Super Coarse : Black Color Ring No. A1XC, B5MXC, C9XC, C2XC (New added Bur range)

                d) Fine:
Red Color Ring No. A4F, B3F, C8F, S3F

                e) Super Fine :
Yellow Color Ring No. A5P, B6P, C16P, S2MP

                f) Gold: Gold Color with Standard, Coarse, Fine and Polish Color Ring that define its Quality.
                    No. GB1SS, GD2, GC15 or the ISO number: Fig. number + ISO shape number: A2 = 908001

  4. Price :
Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs are sold with only One (1) Single FOB Bangkok Export
, irrespective of  Types
(standard), (coarse), (super coarse), (fine), (super fine), quality, shapes an
      sizes. Hence, it is extremely easy for one to keep track of stock and with cost price and profits, all within
      fingers' reach.

      Depending on your purchase order or frequency of orders, we give Quantity Discount. Contact us today
      for more info.

  5. Send these
Crosstech Number along with the Quantities you need for each Bur, to us and we will then
      issue you a
Proforma Invoice with Unit Price, Freight, Packing and Bank info etc. to you so as to Telex
      Transfer (T/T Remit) payment to us before we send you the burs by EMS Post or Courier Service
      TNT etc.) within
Seven ( 7 ) working days for 20,000 pieces of Diamond Burs or less.
Printing Cat1
 You can Double-Click on any Catalogue and PRINT them.
 Crosstech Standard, Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine and Gold Plated  Burs
Crosstech Print1
 Crosstech Bur Application Catalogue
Crosstech rint 2
Crosstech new1
Crosstech new2
Crosstech new3
 Crosstech has more than 1,200 Shapes and Sizes of Diamond Burs
Zirconia Crown preparation Burs
Crosstech new 6
Crosstech new7
Crosstech new4
Cross Cat 5
Russian Catalogue
 Crosstech in Mani Bur Code
 Cross Burs in Mani Code
 Russian Catalogue
Carbide Bur
 Turbo COOL Burs
 Slow Speed RA Burs
 HP Laboratory Burs
 FG Carbide Burs
 Standard Diamond Grit Short Shank Burs
 Standard Diamond Grit Blue Ring Burs
Cross Std1
Cross Std 2
Cross Std 4 Short
Cross Std3
 Coarse Diamond Grit Green Ring Burs
Cross Coarse 3
Cross Coarse 2
Cross Coarse 1
 Extra Coarse Diamond Grit Black Ring Burs
 Fine Diamond Grit Red Ring Burs
Cross X Coarse1
Cross X Coarse 2
Cross Fine 1
Cross Fine 2
 Extra Fine Diamond Grit Yellow Ring Burs
Cross Refernce Bur
Cross X Fine 1
 Crosstech Bur Cross-Reference : CLICK on Picture
 Brasseler, NTI (Axis), Diatech & Alpen, Neo Diamond, Premier
 2 Striper, Meisenger, Spring, Kerr Bluwhite, Dentsply Midwest,
 Shofu Robot.
 Gold Plated Coarse Diamond
 Grit Green Ring Burs
 Gold Plated Fine Diamond
 Grit Red Ring Burs
 Gold Plated Standard Diamond Grit  Blue Ring
Cross Std Gold 1
Cross Std Gold  Short
Cross Coarse Gold
Cross Fine Gold
Dueba Lens
Dueba Lens
Duba Lens
Blue Planet
     Room 508, 5th Floor Rama Jewelry Building
 No. 987 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
    Tel.Hotline:+668 8238 3328
    Copyright 2007 © Crosstech Diamond Bur. All rights reserved.
   ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 Diamond Burs made in Thailand.
                       FDA Approved One-Price Diamond Burs

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