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Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.  is a Multi International FDA Certified Manufacturer of High Precision Medical Products Class IIa Friction Grip Diamond Dental Tools (Burs).

Although Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was established only since 2001, it has 27 years of experience in the manufacturing Gems Ruby, Sapphire and other Semi-Precious Gemstone-Cutting, Faceting, Polishing and Carving Diamond Tools, by its parent company Dynamic Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.  Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. diversified by acquiring the most Advanced Patent Right Technological Mono and Polycrystalline Diamond Bonding Manufacturing Process and managed Highest Quality Control that exceeding ISO Standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003) Manufacturing Technique against all other well known Brands in Europe,USA and Japan, which is over 50 years old Industry, during or after the Second World War, without change.

 As a Gemstones Wholesaler and Gem Diamond Tools Manufacturer, with teams of Expert Gemologist, Gemstones
Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is at the upper hand to locate, identify and find the right sources,
 to acquire the best and right types of both Synthetic and Natural Grit Diamonds around the world for the latest
Advanced Diamond-Bonding Manufacturing Process with an ideal and superb Diamond Dental Burs that can last
 much longer, much sharper and at the
lowest price possible.

 Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. bought the Latest Diamond Bonding Patent Rights from a Western
 Univeristy Professor
and combine it with an Eastern Professor's ability to convert Theory into Commercial bulk
 manufacturing, in
large quantities by using moulds that could produce hundreds, in contrast to conventional Diamond
 Bonding or Plating process using the
One-Piece by One-Piece process, thus lowering the cost in production, as a Thai
 based manufacturing company with best quality against price at affordable cost for resale to Dentist.
The Pioneering Technological Diamond Bonding Process prevents the Diamond Grits from flaking-off, loosening or being extracted  from the Stainless Steel Shank, more easily, during surgery, thus it will last much much more longer than ordinary Disposable Diamond BursCrosstech Diamond Dental Burs have evenly Multi-Layered Diamond Grits over the upper Shank and with the Nickel Plating coated layer, prevents any Vibrational Trauma. Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs ensure superb cutting and polishing efficiency, creating a neat smooth and accurate calibrated new tooth to many satisfied Dental Clients. Besides, These Burs could be used as Micro-Gemstone Carving and Polishing Tools.

Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs are much more Sharper and last very much Longer than many other Brands, up to Ten (10) times longer than Disposable Diamond Dental Burs, saving Dentist time and money with great satisfaction. Crosstech offers Full Money Back Guarantee or 300% Products Replacement.

Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs are available in a vast range of over 1,200 shapes and Diamond Grit sizes, in both Standard FG SUS 314 Stainless Steel and Short-Shanks FG SUS 313 Stainless SteelFor Diamond Burs with the plated diamond portion that is smaller than One (1) milimeter size, a special FG SUS 416 Stainless Steel with heat treatment above 300 C, is used to prevent the thin diamond plated portion from snapping and or breaking during surgery.

Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs also manufacture a range of Gold-Plated Diamond Burs as well as HP Laboratory Diamond Burs and RA (Right-Angled) Slow-Speed Diamond Burs for Dental Colleges and Dental Universities. Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs have a completely new range of  Super-Coarse Diamond Dental Burs with Black-Ring  (affix XC to Standard Burs) since January 2007.

Launched also in early 2007 is a full range of Crosstech Diamond Turbo COOL Burs, coated in Titanium with reverse-grooves on Grit Diamonds in our manufacturing process also. You may email us for more information on the Cool Burs. Tungsten Carbide Surgical Burs has been added to compliments with the Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs range by late 2007.

Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs lead the way in Technological Precision Diamond Dental Rotary Tools and is the only Sole Manufacturer of Diamond Dental Burs in Thailand. Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs are readily available from manufacturing stock at most competitive prices.

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